Our vision


Authenticity of grape varieties, the Armagnac terroirs
and traditional distillation methods.


Expertise in ageing the eaux-de-vie, in new and old wood.


Precision in blending to achieve
optimal maturity and balance.

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A short selection of cocktails, from classics to more original creations.
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Comte de Lauvia, Eleveur d’Armagnac

Distinct and characterful eaux-de-vie that stand apart.
A commitment to the expression of typicality and terroirs valuation.

Skills handed
down since 1938

Loyalty and diligence. During half a century, three generations of Cellar Master have supervised the making of our eaux-de-vie. Today, Eric Durand continues this work with the same humility and pursuit of quality.

Respect of the terroir. Grape varieties true to their origins and expertise in ageing to create distinct, characterful eaux-de-vie that stand apart.

Armagnac marked
by tradition

Local roots. Based in the heart of Bas-Armagnac, we nurture a relationship with selected wine growers whose terroirs meet our criteria for character and quality.

A method inherited from previous generations. We exclusively distill in column stills, using the method handed down by earlier generations. The obtained style of spirit guides our choice of French oak casks for ageing.

Ageing: the secret of
Comte de Lauvia’s armagnacs

Carefully tailored maturation. Expertise in ageing begins by distinguishing between the different grape varieties and terroirs. Eaux-de-vie are either placed into new oak casks to encourage a powerful aromatic exchange with the wood, or into older casks to add subtlety and complexity.

Expressions of a unique heritage. Our maturation warehouse in Eauze holds over 1000 casks, a unique heritage of eaux-de-vie quietly ageing. We follow the progress of each individually numbered cask, tasting its contents and noting their development on a regular basis.
We guarantee complete traceability in our blends by grape variety, estate and vintage.

A commitment:
to uncompromised excellence

Ideal maturity. Our Cellar Master decides when to bottle, based on the taste criteria and degree of maturity he seeks. Each blend is carefully dated.

Spirit of integrity. We never add any type of colouring and do not chill-filter the spirit. All bottling takes place at our maturation warehouse in Eauze.


The recognition of the biggest competitions in France and on the international stage, rewards the work and quality that was led since Comte de Lauvia brand’s birth.


Distinctive eaux-de-vie,
each with their own character

We aim to express the personality of each superb terroir in the Bas-Armagnac region, with soils ranging from iron-rich sand to clay limestone


Supple and fruity, this blend of young eaux-de-vie is fresh and lively. Showing only slight traces of its ageing in wood, this Fine Armagnac has an attractive aromatic complexity with white-flower notes and subtle fruit flavours. The finish is appealing in its elegance.

Tasting notes
Colour :Bright, antique gold
Nose :Vanilla, lemon, lime blossom
Palate :Supple and fruity
Finish :Delicate and delicious
Product profile
Grape varieties :Ugni Blanc
Baco Blanc
Folle Blanche
Double maturation :Aged in new casks and old casks
Distillation :Continuous in a column still
& Blended
2009 to 2012


Subtle and spiced, the maturity resulting from patient ageing in wood yields fine, aromatic tannins that are well integrated. Robustly balanced on the palate with a long, persistent finish showing notes of bakes fruit and candied orange.

Tasting notes
Colour :Amber with copper glints
Nose :Honey, candied quince, lilac
Palate :Subtle and spiced
Finish :Rounded and full
Product profile
Grape varieties : Ugni Blanc
Baco Blanc
Folle Blanche
Double maturation : Eaux-de-vie aged in new and old casks
Distillation : Continuous in a column still
& Blended
2001 to 2009


Powerful and generous, amber-coloured with underlying mahogany shades. The nose displays deep rancio aromas of dry nuts, fig and prune. On the palate, complexity holds the power nicely in check. The finish is spicy with chocolate notes and tremendously long-lived.

Tasting notes
Colour :Mahogany
Nose :Prunes, nuts, orange blossom
Palate :Rich with rancio notes
Product profile
Grape varieties : Ugni Blanc
Baco Blanc
Folle Blanche
Double maturation :Aged in new casks and old casks
Distillation : Continuous in a column still
& Blended
1975 to 2000


Substantial and complex, tasting a Comte de Lauvia vintage is an experience like no other. While each of our Millésimes has its own character, they all share a personality that is civilised yet untamed, conveying a remarkable richness and complexity that only time and terroir together can create.

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unique distillation campaign at ideal maturity

A team of enthusiasts

Behind every barrel and every bottle, is a human-sized, expert and passionate team. Attentive to the evolutions of our vintages, there are remaining permanently more than 1000 barrels, each containing fabulous promises reserved for the curious and hedonist connoisseurs.

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A selective
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Today open to about twenty countries, the distribution is reserved to an exceptional clientele made up of the best cellarmen, restaurant owners and amateurs’ circles worldwide. If you wish to join Comte de Lauvia partners’ network, do not hesitate to contact us.

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